Micah Sandt


Micah Xavier Sandt trained as an actor at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London and holds an MFA in composition from Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. His recent credits include the rerun of his one-man show Gweilo with Pants Productions, a South China tour of Smokey Joe’s Café with Hong Kong 3 Arts Musical Institute and And Now, Maestro! with Hong Kong Sinfonietta. Micah was born in Taiwan to French and Finnish parents. He moved to Hong Kong when he was three and studied at a local Chinese primary school. After studying abroad he returned to Hong Kong where he is currently working as a freelance composer, arranger, musical director, performer, and teacher. 



孫麥凱畢業於倫敦蒙特威爾戲劇學校,修讀戲劇表演,又於紐約大學蒂施藝術學院取得藝術碩士學位,主修音樂創作。近期的演出包括「一條褲製作」的獨腳戲《鬼佬》重演、香港音樂劇藝術學院的《 喬「樂」無窮咖啡館》南中國巡演、香港小交響樂團的《樂團指揮有幾勁?》等。孫麥凱生於台灣,父親是法裔,母親是芬蘭裔,他三歲移居香港,入讀本地中文小學,在外地完成學業後回港,現以作曲、編曲、音樂劇導演、演員、導師等身份,活躍演藝圈。