Crisel Consunji


Crisel Consunji is an award-winning actress and an accomplished musical theatre performer. She received a nomination for Best Actress and Best New Performer at the 38th Hong Kong Film Awards and won Best New Performer for her acclaimed portrayal in the film “Still Human”. She began her professional career in theatre from the age of ten performing with the Repertory Philippines in Manila. Her roles include Beauty in Beauty and the Beast, Susan Pevensie in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Little Red Riding Hood in Into the Woods. She is a recipient of the prestigious Ani ng Dangal Award from the National Commission on Culture and the Arts (NCCA) in the Philippines. In 2008 she moved to Hong Kong to work at Hong Kong Disneyland. Her performances included the lead role of Bebe in The Golden Mickeys. In recent years Crisel Consunji has also committed herself to early childhood education with a focus on arts-based learning for young children. She is the founder of  Baumhaus, an arts education initiative and creative space for families which provides nurturing and support with a variety of educational and community programmes. She also leads the distribution and training for the US-based Kindermusik programme in Hong Kong which empowers families to raise their children with a love of music. Crisel Consunji has completed two master's degrees in Early Childhood Education and Global Politics. In June 2021 SCMP praised her sold-out return to the stage in City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong's A Night at the Musicals as "stunning." 



姬素‧孔尚治是一位屢獲殊榮的女演員,也是一位出色的音樂劇表演者。她憑藉電影《淪落人》中飾演女主角Evelyn,在第38屆香港電影金像獎中獲得最佳新演員奬項及最佳女主角提名。姬素‧孔尚治從10歲開始在馬尼拉的菲律賓話劇團表演,開始其豐富的戲劇生涯。她曾飾演的角色包括《美女與野獸》的貝兒、《獅子·女巫·魔衣櫥》的蘇珊‧佩文西及《魔法黑森林》的小紅帽。姬素‧孔尚治及後獲菲律賓國家文化和藝術委員會頒發Ani ng Dangal獎項,以表揚她對演藝界的貢獻。她於2008年移居香港,在香港迪士尼樂園擔任演員。出演的角色包括《米奇金獎音樂劇》主角之一的Bebe。姬素‧孔尚治近年更致力參與幼兒教育工作,尤其是着重藝術方面的教育。她是Baumhaus創意藝術教育中心的創辦人,該機構提倡建基於藝術的幼兒教育、家庭創意空間等概念,亦通過教育和社區計劃為幼兒提供培養和支持。她在香港本地更領導美國Kindermusik幼兒音樂計劃的傳播及培訓,該計劃促使家庭透過對音樂的熱愛使孩子快樂成長。姬素‧孔尚治分別擁有幼兒教育和國際政治兩個碩士學位。2021年6月,她再次踏上舞台,與香港城市室樂團合演《音樂劇之夜》,觀眾席上座無虛席,其演出更獲南華早報評為「耀眼」。