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Edgar Meyer + CCOHK
08.11.2016 (Tuesday)
Boccherini I Sinfonia in D minor, La Casa del Diavolo
Bottesini I Concerto No.2 for Double Bass
Schnittke I Suite in Olden Style
Edgar Meyer I Concerto No.1 for Double Bass 

It’s all about the bass, the engine that drives the entire orchestra - but have you ever heard it solo? Multi Grammy award-winning American bassist and composer Edgar Meyer has carved out a role in the music world that is quite simply unparalleled. An encounter with his rare talent is bound to transform your perspective on this underexposed solo instrument. Edgar Meyer joins CCOHK in performing Bottesini’s double bass masterpiece and his own concerto, a hybrid of bluegrass and Haydnesque styles brimful with Meyer-made tricks. Baroque-inspired works by Boccherini and Schnittke round off the programme with moments of old-world charm and sheer dare-devil fire!