Sir James Galway (Review)

World-renowned flautist Sir James Galway has been in town on several missions, but found time to pay an unexpected act of respect to the victims of the Lamma ferry disaster. The Irish legend, along with his flautist wife Lady Jeanne Galway, performed to a packed audience at the City Hall Concert Hall on Friday as they kicked off the concert season of the City Chamber Orchestra. The concert was part of a week's activities for the septuagenarian maestro, including masterclasses where he shared his expertise with more than 100 local flute players. The couple made a brief appearance at the pre-concert reception to meet the orchestra's board, including chairman Bryan Carter and his wife Stella, new director of the Academy for Performing Arts Adrian Walter and Hong Kong Philharmonic board member Janice Choi. The new season will also feature legendary percussionist Dame Evelyn Glennie, who will perform and record with the City Chamber Orchestra, according to founder and executive director Leanne Nicholls. The opening concert will be best remembered by Galway's third encore, when he played Danny Boy in memory of the ferry victims. You could have heard a pin drop during this heartfelt performance.

Oliver Chou, South China Morning Post read online:

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