Jonathan Yuen


Jonathan Yuen was born in Hong Kong and started his music education at the age of three under the guidance of his mother. At the age of six he entered the Junior Associate Programme at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts where he studied violin with Lo Chu-Tung. Jonathan Yuen has won numerous awards in Hong Kong including the Sandra Wagstaff String Concerto Competition. He received a scholarship to study in the USA with Blair Milton from the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree in violin performance from the University of Michigan and a Master of Music degree from Northwestern University. During his studies in the USA he performed with many of the best training orchestras in America including the National Repertory Orchestra and the Civic Orchestra of Chicago. After returning to Hong Kong he served as tutti violinist of Hong Kong Sinfonietta for four years. Jonathan Yuen became a member of City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong in 2016. Besides performing he is also dedicated to teaching violin in Hong Kong.



袁以恆生於香港,三歲開始由母親啟蒙學習音樂,並於六歲考進香港演藝學院的青少年音樂課程,師隨盧柱東。袁以恆在港贏過多個獎項,包括桑德拉‧韋仕達弦樂協奏曲獎。其後獲獎學金赴美國深造,師隨芝加哥交響樂團樂手米爾頓,並先後於密歇根大學考獲學士學位(小提琴演奏)及西北大學考取音樂碩士學位。在美國求學期間,曾加入多個一流的培訓樂團參與演出,包括美國National Repertory Orchestra、芝加哥市民管弦樂團等。返港後加入香港小交響樂團任小提琴樂師四年。袁以恆於2016年加入香港城市室樂團。除了演奏,他亦熱衷於小提琴教學。