Patrick Lui


Patrick Lui is an award-winning pianist, composer, arranger, and producer. Born in Hong Kong, he graduated from the Berklee College of Music and has appeared worldwide at many renowned music festivals including JENerations Jazz Festival (USA), EUROPAfest, Taichung Jazz Festival and Kanazawa JAZZ STREET. His international awards as both a pianist and a composer include First Prize at the Taichung Jazz Piano Competition (2011), Semi-Finalist at the Bucharest International Jazz Competition (2016) and the prestigious Marvin Hamlisch International Music Awards for Jazz Composition (2020-2021). As both guest conductor and pianist, he has performed with the Taipei Jazz Orchestra at the Chiayi City International Band Festival and with the Kyoto Composers Jazz Orchestra in Japan. In Hong Kong he founded the Patrick Lui Jazz Orchestra and has performed his own compositions with the band at the Jazz Marathon for the International Jazz Day 2019 with special guest Will Vinson, the Freespace Jazz Fest 2020 at the West Kowloon Cultural District and at the Education Network 2021 conference in the USA. Recordings with his band include Sonder, a 2020 release for the Sony Music label mixed, recorded, and mastered by the two-time Grammy-award winning Mike Marciano, and featuring New York-based jazz musicians with guest trumpeter Alex Sipiagin. To further his interests in other areas including traditional music, Patrick Lui received The Hong Kong Jockey Club Music and Dance Fund to pursue a Master’s degree at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. His collaborations in the Canto Pop music industry with RubberBand has led to co-producing an album entitled Easy which won the prestigious ‘Album of The Year’ by Commercial Radio Hong Kong in 2012.



雷柏熹是屢獲殊榮的鋼琴家、作曲家、編曲家及監製。他生於香港, 於柏克利音樂學院畢業後,不斷於世界各地的演出,更參與多個著名音樂節,當中包括美國JENerations爵士音樂節、歐洲的EUROPAfest、台中爵士音樂節、日本的金沢爵士音樂節等。他在鋼琴演奏及作曲兩方面都贏過獎項,包括2011年台中爵士鋼琴比賽的冠軍;2016年羅馬尼亞的布加勒斯特國際爵士樂比賽中進入準決賽;更於2020 年至2021年度贏取了國際著名的馬文‧漢里殊國際音樂獎項中的爵士樂作曲獎。他曾獲台北爵士大樂團及日本京都作曲家爵士大樂團邀請,擔任客席指揮及鋼琴獨奏,並先後於嘉義國際管樂節及大巿演出。雷柏熹在香港成立雷柏熹爵士大樂團,曾於2019年夥同紐約色士風大師威爾•文森為香港爵士馬拉松作開幕演出,演奏自己的多首作品。翌年又應邀在西九龍文化區舉行的自由爵士音樂節獻藝;2021年參加美國爵士樂教育網絡年會。他與名下的大樂團灌錄於2020年發行的唱片《Sonder》,由兩度獲得格林美獎的邁克‧馬西安諾擔任混合、錄音及後期製作。唱片由多位紐約當地爵士樂師演奏,更有小號手阿歷士‧西皮亞金客席演出。雷柏熹為拓闊自己在包括傳統曲風等不同音樂領域方面的知識,不久前獲香港賽馬會音樂與舞蹈基金贊助,入讀香港演藝學院進修碩士課程。流行音樂方面,雷柏熹與本地樂隊 RubberBand 聯手製作的大碟《Easy》,於2021年獲商業電台頒發叱咤樂壇「至尊唱片大獎」。