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Nazar Tabachyshyn


Nazar Tabachyshyn was born in Zbarazh in the Ukraine where he began playing the accordion at the age of five. He holds a Master of Music degree from the Ukrainian National Tchaikovsky Academy of Music and The Ternopil College of Music in Ukraine where he also taught accordion and conducted the folk instrument orchestras. He is the recipient of many prizes including First Prize at the Ukrainian Musical Contest (2008) and First Prize at the International Music Contest in Erbezzo in Italy (2010). From 2011 to 2013 he was a member of the Grand Accordion Ensemble which won first prizes at several international music competitions in Lithuania, Estonia and the Czech Republic. He was also the founder and conductor of the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral Vocal Ensemble in Kyiv,Ukraine. Nazar Tabachyshyn has been performing in Hong Kong since 2014. He has participated in several music festivals in mainland China and in Hong Kong including Jazz on the Lake (Hangzhou, 2019) and every year at the Freespace Jazz Fest in Hong Kong since 2017. He is currently a founding member of Cafe 852, a tango band performing Tango, Balkan Folk and Gypsy Jazz music in Hong Kong. In 2020 he participated in the Jockey Club Musicus Heritage Alive Concerts and more recently, in 2022, he collaborated with CCDC in several performances of Piazzolla's Maria de Buenos Aires.



納薩里‧德巴茲淳生於烏克蘭的澤巴拉茲,五歲開始習手風琴。他畢業於烏克蘭國家柴可夫斯基音樂學院,獲音樂碩士學位,並曾在他的母校—烏克蘭的捷爾諾波爾音樂學院教授手風琴和擔任民樂團指揮。德巴茲淳曾在比賽中贏過多個獎項,包括2008年在烏克蘭音樂比賽中奪魁;2010年到意大利參加埃貝佐國際音樂節,又取得冠軍。2011至2013年間,是「金手風琴樂隊」的成員,樂隊在立陶宛、愛沙尼亞、捷克多個國際音樂比賽中贏得冠軍。他亦在首都基輔創立烏克蘭天主教大教堂詩班,並擔任指揮。2014年來港,展開演奏事業,多次參與中國大陸和香港的音樂節,包括2019年杭州爵士音樂節,並自2017年起,每年在本港的自由爵士音樂節獻藝。德巴茲淳現爲香港探戈樂隊「Cafe 852」的創辦人;除了探戈,也演奏巴爾幹民樂和吉卜賽爵士樂。他在2020年參加賽馬會「樂‧憶古蹟」的音樂會系列。較近期的,是2022年與城市當代舞蹈團合作,演出皮亞梭拉探戈輕歌劇《再生瑪莉亞》。


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