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Rachel Barton Pine + CCOHK
02.06.2017 (Friday)
Vivaldi I Concerto for Viola d’amore in D major
Cowell I Hymn and Fuguing Tune No.10
J.S. Bach I Concerto for Two Violins in D minor
Arvo Pärt I Tabula Rasa
Holst I St. Paul’s Suite
J.S. Bach I Concerto for Violin in A minor
Internationally renowned American violinist Rachel Barton Pine debuted with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra at the age of 10 and became the youngest gold medal winner at the J.S. Bach International Violin Competition in Leipzig when she was just 17. Through her life-affirming experiences and compelling stage performances, Rachel Barton Pine is a generous and extraordinary personality on stage. Her Hong Kong debut is one of immense musical discovery and sees her performing Vivaldi on a Nicola Gagliano 12-string viola d’amore and Bach concertos on the ex-Bazzini ex-Soldat 1742 Joseph Guarneri del Gesu. In collaboration with CCOHK’s concertmaster Amelia Chan she will also perform Arvo Pärt’s shimmeringly beautiful Tabula Rasa. Led by guest conductor Andrew Sewell in a welcome return, CCOHK also brings to the programme rustic string melodies in Holst’s St. Paul’s Suite and poignant oboe solos in Cowell’s Hymn and Fuguing.

Change of Artist
Concert by Rachel Barton Pine and City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong on 2 June 2017, the performances of Concertmaster Amelia Chan in J.S. Bach's Concerto for Two Violins in D Minor and Arvo Pärt's Arvo Part Tabula Rasa will be performed by violinist Jesse Irons. Thank you for your attention.