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Guest Artists

Anders Nelsson
American-born and of Swedish descent Anders Nelsson has been entertaining audiences in Asia since the early 1960s when his high-school band The Kontinentals topped the Hong Kong pop charts with I Think Of Her and I Still Love You. He then went on to acting roles in feature films and TV drama series including Bruce Lee’s Way of the Dragon and this year's Cantonese Christmas release My iGirl. After winning a DJ contest in the late ‘50s he went on to work as a radio producer and DJ for special events and has since hosted countless shows and events as a bilingual MC. He has also worked behind the scenes as producer, composer and record and music publishing company executive. In recent years Anders Nelsson. has devoted much of his time to performing at charitable events aimed at supporting the elderly and deprived and children with cancer. At New Year's Eve this year he will be hosting a Countdown party to raise funds for elderly people in Hong Kong